Is Epic Rides Carson Sold Out Already?

Is the Carson ride sold out already? I thought the registration just opened this morning? But the website is saying they’re sold out already.

a lot of bigger races sell out in minutes

It took 3 or 4 months to sell out last year.

Interesting. You can’t register direct from the Epic Rides website, but I used the link in the registration email they sent this morning and it worked fine. This is the page I found that worked.

I just signed up via the email link. Probably just a ploy to get people to think it is selling out fast. I don’t think it sold out last year until the friday registration.

Ah. How many entries do they allow?

I know the Dakota 5-0 in south Dakota has 500 entries and that sells out in a few minutes.

I think it is 900? The community discount night is tomorrow at a bar in Carson City…you can save $50. I don’t think it would sell out before that. I think Carson is their only event that doesn’t sell out quickly.