Is Adaptive Training broken?

Actually on iphone there is a non-moving footer that shows a red „Save“ Button in the bottom right corner… can’t go wrong here:
Popup, slight scrolling to just fine sized options, save Button in red visible since popup
Hate to be the apple fanboi, but useability is obviously once more second to none on that platform….

From the coach/plans perspective, your core work are the plan workouts. If you add extra endurance, no problem, but ideally that should only happen if you can still do your workouts. Thus the system gives you the same plan and if you wouldn’t do well (“fail”), and provide this as feedback, the future workouts would be adjusted accordingly.

Sounds correct to me.


For what it’s worth, I was struggling with trainerroad before doing adaptive training, now doing 80% of my workouts outside and filling in all the post-ride forms, I’m loving it again and my sweetspot workouts have never been better. I don’t necessarily hit perfectly every interval outside (due to traffic lights at regent’s park or traffic at richmond park) but it works pretty good and I make sure to hit TSS for the workout, plus I’d say getting 80-90% of my intervals bang on for both average and normalized power.

Building up from a 3-4 on difficulty for sweetspot to a 6.5 where I am now has been really great and I’m not failing workouts any more or taking long breaks.

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Late to the party, but I often find TrainNow is a bit slow to update for stuff I did yesterday/recently - changing the duration on it seems to make it update.

E.g., I did a 200 TSS club ride last night and when I first open the app it shows the recommended workout as a Productive Climbing workout, switch the duration from 60 to 75 and back to 60, and it now shows an Achievable Endurance workout.

I think maybe it sticks on its last recommendation from the last time you opened the TR app until you refresh it, or something like that.