Ironman Lake Placid and Covid

Good Afternoon Everybody,

I would love some advice on how to move forward with training? I started training for Ironman Lake Placid in August. This is my first Ironman so I started training with Low Volume Base -> Low Volume Build -> Mid Volume Base and I start Mid Volume Build next week. I might have started to early. :slight_smile:

What should I do now that all the pools are closed and my race might be postponed? Should I switch to high volume base or continue with build and replace swimming with running or biking? I completed one half ironman and one marathon before starting this so I don’t have the experience to make good judgement calls.

A little background, I am 44 and just retired from the military. I swam as a kid and I have been attending masters classes as of late. I am really new to cycling but I have almost doubled my power thanks to traInerroad. Lastly, I am a slow runner but I think I can make the distance.

Thank you,