IQ2 Power Meter

I already had power and still do. These are a convenience purchase so I don’t need to keep switching pedals.

Has anyone seen a dual-side pedal set working yet? That sounds like a missing step in the long staircase leading to mass deliveries.

From a Kickstarter comment:

"Today’s update from IQ2 support - Hello Philip,

We still expect to deliver from this month to July as we’re currently on deck of preparation. Also, we’ll release an update this week about production and shipment"

I guess time is different there since it is June 30, 16:17 UTC. Unless the FedEx/UPS/DHL/Dutch Post guys is there right now picking up a pallet full of PM pedals, nothing is getting shipped “this month”.

Happy Canada Day (Jul 1) and Independence Day (Jul 4).


They have updated their website. They now mention delivery in Thirth Quarter of 2020

Also, I noticed the delivery address I have indicated when I backed them has been finally updated to my current address.

well since the 3rd quarter starts today, and they moved away from just saying ‘July’, this probably means they aim for September now.
It’s fascinating to me how they pushed their timeline all the time the past two years (which I guess is normal) but then only push it by a little bit.
It’s like holding a carrot in front of a horse. If you keep dangling it in front of their face, they will keep moving, but if you put the carrot to far away, they’ll loose interest.

And it appears to be working. They got continues attention throughout the 2 years. And apparently there are still people waiting for the actual release or even putting in pre-orders instead of loosing interest and looking elsewhere.

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Another KS comment, a reply to an inquiry from a KS backer:


We will start deliveries of roads in the second week of July. Upon shipment you’ll receive a track and trace code through email.

Next week we’ll provide an in-depth insight into our production progress.

As for MTB’s, we’re finalizing the pre-production stage and expect to deliver in July."

On the followup, I asked if I could expect the duals to be shipped in July and the response was:

“Singles and duals will be shipped altogether.”

Summarizing, update just next week, and shipping of road sets only on the week after that."


My daughter has special needs. We found out at 2 years old when she lost the ability to walk, use her hands, or talk. She literally developed these symptoms.

Be grateful your kids are healthy, and perhaps consider how some people might feel when comparing special needs to a crappy power meter. );


Fair call. This wasn’t personal, it was a misguided attempt at humour in the unquoted context of the conversation… Not an excuse. Just an explanation. If you’re looking through posts from the past to hang me on, I’m sure there’s much better examples… but we’re well off topic now.


Nothing personal too, would have called out anyone on this. Looking through these posts to try figure out what’s happening with these pedals. All the best.

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Current IQ2 Status (as I’m aware - July 3rd 2020):

  • They’ve delivered a set of single sided road pedals to a backer, DCR, and myself.
  • The numbers from them/it looked pretty good for both DCR and my tests.
  • Last update on their Kickstarter was June 4th 2020 (one month ago) stating COVID delays.
  • There’s a few people quoting email replies in the Kickstarter comments… not sure on the validity of those.

The email quotes are completely valid. Credibility is the word you are looking for when it comes to IQ2 content in that correspondence

I hope so… but the IQ^2 story has many twists and turns… and after seeing how things play out online my trust levels of people using pseudonyms extend about as far as I can yell.

checks my username on here… oh, shit…

Hi. I’m Shane :slight_smile:


:rofl: love your humor

Well I’ve cancelled my order and got a refund. I’m all up for supporting a new project and those involved but I’m not a charity. I feel Iq2 have a duty to keep backers and those purchasing honestly updated and they are not doing so. They may be engineers but if this is a serious business then they need investment in media and consumer care. They could so easily provide a few images, the double sided pedals, boxes ready to go, the production line or process, but nope nothing other than a time line that constantly gets put back. In the words of dragons den “I’m out”

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I have been a backed since 2018 however, the long wait feels a bit frustrating so I tried to do the same without success. Their response was…

You cannot cancel your pledge as the money funded by our backers has been used as an investment into the production of the power meters.

Anyway, I do have a set of Favero Assioma Duo power meters which are awesome so not a big deal. However, I am a bit worried the current lack of communication could be an indicator of how their customer support may handle things in the future.

It is a touch concerning that they’ve gone so quiet. I’ve seen other projects fail at this point.

I agree and if they had any good business sense they would be sending out some clear messages as I do feel patience and confidence is starting to run out. This isnt the way to operate if they plan on running this business in the future, it needs foundations and the backers support. I certainly would not be buying from them at this time. And I’m sure others will read the Internet and see concerns

I check back here occasionally just to see the latest round of excuses/delays. Never disappoints.