Invite to "enduro style" Gran Fondo. Four Peaks Gran Fondo. Inkom, ID

@Nate_Pearson, @chad, and @Jonathan have all mentioned on the podcast a few times that they’ve enjoyed various “enduro style” events. Our local gran fondo called the Four Peaks is an 80 mile ride with four timed climbs up our favorite local peaks. Depending on which data you look at you’ll get 7500-7900 feet of elevation gain. Each climb is 4-5 miles long with average times of 25-35 minutes each. This is the 5th year for the event and it has just gotten better with time. The great thing about this event is that it’s a lot of fun to ride with friends of varying ability because you can all ride together and when you cross the timing beacon you go all out to the top but then you regroup and roll to the next climb while eating and chatting.

I don’t have any financial interest in the event and I’m pretty sure it’s completely non-profit with most (all?) proceeds going to various local charities. The event always provides a fairly sizable donation to the local HS MTN bike team.

I’m just spreading the word since this type of event is a lot of fun and has gotten mentioned on the podcast. I’d love to see a lot more riders there.

Check out for more information.

PS - The third climb is a beast, 4 miles at 10-12%. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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