🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

works with my 10 year old edge 500. :smiley:

Did my first outside TR workout this week in the Scottish sunshine :sunglasses:
Strava called it ‘Morning Ride’ rather than the workout name - is that normal? I noticed that others have filenames like ‘Barronette: TrainerRoad Outside Workouts’ - or have they manually edited those?

I’ve been on TR for 6 weeks now and have only done 1 workout outside (Laramie) during recovery week.

I feel that indoor is definitely more efficient and effective as I do not have to worry about other outside factors. I’m on SSBLV and this week I will start SSBLV2. I would love to ride outside a little more and was wondering which type of workout is more suitable for outside?


IMO it greatly depends on the course where you are doing the outside workout not the type of workout.

I now have good places to ride and I’m finding myself hitting almost perfectly all the targets, regardless of the type of workout.


Envious of you.

For me, the nearest flat course is 30mins ride away. The course is 20km with a few lights.
Other than that, nowhere else is conducive for intervals. lol

Seems like there have recently been changes to many of the outside workout options? I’m getting no outside option for Boarstone now (“Outside” button doesn’t do anything) and Mokelumne +1 (Button says “No outside option”). “No outside option” for Town Hill either. West Vidette +1 outside option is showing Duration of 0:00.

Edit: Some of these look fixed now. Looks like we are looking at some lllooonng outdoor workouts now!


@IvyAudrain You might check the Garmin sync of Wilhelm -3. It seemed wrong on my watch. The Wahoo sync to the Bolt was ok.
Edit: Could also be the case that I messed it up…needed a workout to get used to the different handling (lap press) for Garmin vs Wahoo… :upside_down_face:

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OOPS haha. Let us know if you got it sorted, or if you need a hand!