🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

Finally tried an outside workout last night.

It was Carpathian Peak and I was dubious it would work with regular power changes, but it worked like a dream!

Great feature that I’ll be using regularly over the summer for sure.


Amazing! Once you get it setup it’s super fun/addicting!

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Just before my last ride my EDGE 830 updated to firmware 5.50 which seems to have stopped it from giving me alerts / countdowns at the end of intervals. I can’t see an option buried anywhere so wondering if anyone else has seen the same?

@WTriathlete … My 530 did the same thing after the firmware update, but returned to normal after shutdown and restart for my next ride. Maybe an update glitch?

Thanks. I’ll try that. Riding has been none existent for the last week for me so still waiting for the second outing.

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is there a way to PUSH workouts to the Garmin? I don’t always know 2 days ahead of time that I will be able to ride outside.

Sorry for not going through all 845 previous posts … mind blown.


On the website if you go to the workout page from your calendar and toggle to “outside” you then press the “Push to Garmin” button. I don’t know how fast it works but I will do it before changing and stuff and it’s there when I go to ride, so maybe 20 minutes, but I’m sure it works faster than that.

Edit: Also, I don’t think the 2 day lead time means that it takes 2 days to push to Garmin. But rather if you schedule an outdoor workout a week in advance it won’t push to Garmin until 2 days before. I could be wrong but that was my understanding.

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Interestingly enough I’ve converted my weekend workouts to outdoors and both became Two Ocean 2:00hs 95 TSS. Originally the schedule had:

Most likely not critical, both endurance workouts. Just curious about this. Feature or Glitch?

Will update post after rides are complete.

It’s not really either a feature or a glitch, more a stop gap or place holder. Some workouts have exact 1-1 translations when taking them outside but others just have a “close enough” version which it seems like is the case here. To simplify the process, sometime multiple indoor workouts will all translate to the same outdoor workout.


Finally tried an outdoor workout this week, but my Bolt would not display data in the Target Power field, only “N/A.” It would display the target power range during the countdown to the next interval, but during the interval itself, no data.

Every other field on the planned workout page worked as expected and was pulling data from my TICKR and Stages just fine.

What gives?

Is the firmware up to date on your Bolt?
I had an original Elemnt and used to have that problem. The recommended fix from Wahoo support was to removed the field and re-add it back in.

Everything’s up to date. Have removed and added the field back in without success.

Sorry but that’s the extent of my suggestions aside from possibly reaching out to Wahoo support.
If you have a free Training Peaks account you could try building a workout in there to see if it works. If it doesn’t work either than that might lead you to look at wahoo support vs trainer road support for a solution.

I have a 60 mile ride on Saturday which goes along some straight roads with little traffic. i was thinking of giving an outside workout a try. I have an old edge 1000 and plan to start the workout around 30 miles into the ride. Is that possible with a workout on Garmin? Or do i have to start the workout at the beginning of the ride? The workout I am doing is 3 sets of 20 minute sweetspot which is normally 90 minutes. i take it TR will not recognize this ride as being the workout as it is likely to be 3hr plus ride?

I can’t say for sure about the Edge 1000 but my 830 has no problem loading a workout in the middle of a ride.

thanks. worst case i will write the workout down on my top tube.

I am still trying to get the effort together to get my Edge 800 to do workouts. Finally got my 920XT to do one! I was sooo happy.

Question about a completed outdoor workout - is it supposed to show in calendar?

Mine is showing the placeholder ‘Tallac outdoor’ (see attached screenshot), and I manually marked it as complete in my efforts to have it show up, but the actual ride with all the power/hr data is not showing in the calendar. It shows in both Garmin and Strava, and both are linked to TR. Is this normal behaviour?

Not normal. Should show your Strava ride and have Tallac associated with it. Shouldn’t have to mark the ride as completed. TR support can probably help you out.

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Had the same issue. An email to TR Support and it’s fixed.