🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Please check in with support about that: support@trainerroad.com.

Thanks in advance!

So, is it unreasonable to expect that 6 months is a little bit on the long side for a product to be in beta? Thanks for the second class status, guys, from everyone who is still waiting patiently.

Yup, did exactly this as well. Otherwise the workouts would have been way too easy, as a slight FTP bump moved all my progression levels down to near 1. I think the progression level drop with an FTP bump is way too extreme (at least what I experienced), so hopefully this will be fixed.

my first AT video is over 1000 views! kind of crazy. Although the dropoff in view numbers is pretty dramatic thereafter lol

As for actual AT, I’m being dumb this week with the filler SSB2 workouts before CX specialty, before the week I was 3.7 sweet spot, and today I’m at 7.2 lol I’ve got a 7.3 suggestion for the weekend but I may go off script again and see what a reasonable stretch is!

There is no reason to take this personally, or as some sort of slight, for those not already in the beta. This is testing, aimed at finding and fixing bugs. Entry into an unstable product (that has shown numerous errors over these many months) is not a “reward” in the sense that some seem to think.

I have had to submit multiple bugs, deal with many identified by others which lead to improvisation, deliberate ignorance of AT and what it wanted to do to my plan, and other stuff that is far from optimal.

Essentially, this has been more than a little work for many of the AT users, and not the pure excellent performance we typically associate with TR products and services. It’s a beta test after all, not a golden ticket, that entails a lot of sub-optimal use.

As I’ve said before, it’s likely that being “overlooked” by this beta is actually a good thing for many users. They are likely better served not accessing it until the greater parts of issues are handled and corrected.


I think a lot of folks have this fear that they’re missing out on this amazing new type of training. Don’t get me wrong, I really like AT, but if we’re being honest, I don’t necessarily have dramatic outcomes that I think many imagine prior to getting on AT. I’ve got a lot of consistency and I haven’t been failing some tougher workouts that are in line with my progression levels, but with a little trial and error, folks can get themselves on a progression using the workout levels. I’ve done base and build, I haven’t changed my FTP at all, but I certainly feel like I’m consistent on short power workouts that are CX specific. The plan structure is the same as any off the shelf plan but more catered to the workouts I’ve accomplished.

So yeah, I don’t think people should feel neglected or overlooked, there’s a lot already with TR that they can use to achieve similar results


My point is, maaybe they rushed this into beta a little too quickly, with maaybe a little too much fanfare, and maaybe one might interpret this rush to beta as a (panicky?) response to…<fill in the blank as you see fit, but let’s just say it might just be a certain youtuber who is currently pretty high up in the gravel racing food chain>.

Not saying all this is true, but an impartial :neutral_face: observer might interpret it that way.


for me, it wasn’t rushed, it works perfectly well for me and I haven’t had any hiccups, I’ve done SSB HV and short power build HV with it. I know the wahoo outside workouts thing has been a pain for those users, but as someone who does a lot of inside and a fair number of outdoor stuff with my gamin, it’s been a flawless experience


Yeah, and I don’t comment on that aspect (timing, release, marketing, etc.). I don’t have enough info to make anything more than guesses or personal observations.

I only commented on the fact that plenty of people are acting put off from “exclusion”, and I think they are missing the reality of the situation.


@IvyAudrain or anyone,

I didn’t get PL credit for my ride earlier today which I cut short because TR just started losing the ability to control my Stages SB20, and besides the power going all over the place, the workout kept flipping between running / paused (I have pedal to start enabled). Is this as expected? Or should I have gotten credit, especially as I got through almost all of the intervals.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 11.44.03 AM

Your account is private, so the link is dead for everyone (other than TR reps?).

Hard to say much from the pic, but that seem like it might result in a “stalled” PL result to me. Cut short and power all over the place. Your answer to the survey probably matters too (not mentioned).

Hmmmmm not sure on that, you should check with the team (support@trainerroad.com) to see if those issues meant it got marked as a ‘fail’, or if even the success of that workout would have resulted in a PL change, including consideration for your survey response as well. Not every workout results in notable/significant PL changes, but that’s why the support team is best to ask for this kind of thing, they can see the full scope of your PLs and workouts, and the internal ride log of course to see whats up.

Ivy - thanks. I will ping support. This definitely should have resulted in a big PL increase, as this was rated as an Anaerobic 5.3, and my current Anaerobic is a lowly 1.0.

Chad - until TR implements privacy zones, or something like that, I’ve turned my rides private. I responded with “Technical Issues” as the reason for stopping the ride short.

  • Sure, which is fine to do.

  • But recognize that sharing a dead link and asking for help from us non-TR people will give very limited ability to help. As mentioned, and with your settings, you are likely best to just contact TR support directly via email for questions like this, because we (non-TR) are working off limited info.


Understood on the visibility. My more general question to everyone was: if you indicated that you cut a ride short / didn’t “successfully” complete a ride due to technical issues, does AT give you PL credit or not.

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Not when your software development process is more concerned about delivering working software than meeting an arbitrary schedule. Software development is a learning process. Learning doesn’t happen on a schedule.

EDIT: Related item I ran across this morning After 15 months in preview, GitHub releases Codespaces – probably the fanciest new shiny since Actions • The Register


I’ve cut short for time and it gave me full credit. I presume it would do the same for technical, but again, support would have that answer confirmed for you.


I suspect the rough amount completed (5% vs 95% will sure be different), as well as the adherence to the power targets plays a factor, along with the reason selected. Ultimately, the “it depends” is very likely here and we can’t make a blanket statement. I can easily see reasons it would include PL change, while other times it will not.

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So I heard back from TR Support, and the answer was:

Unfortunately, we cannot include workouts that were cut short for Adaptive Training, no matter the reason given. Hopefully, we can implement this functionality in the future, but I have no ETA on that.


Dang, that is a bummer. Means there is some strong incentive to at least get to the cool down if you are able, and anywhere over 50% done in particular. We still get whatever training we had, so not a total loss, but might mean a delay in progression in some cases.

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