🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

@mcneese.chad Sorry that my frustration with TR may have filtered over onto you. I am very appreciative of the amount of time and energy you spend here, and we’ve had great discussions here and offline.

My frustration threefold: First, AT has been overpromoted and continues to be by TR based on what actually is available and working. Second, the model for supporting AT has some big gaps (and I know you’ve expressed your frustration with that and how you’ve attempted to help TR make things better). Third is that many of us, including you, have tried hard to get clear info from TR and seeing statements that something is working when TR has acknowledged that is isn’t leads me to try to offer the best info I have to others who may be as confused as some of us about what actually works in AT (which, IMHO, is a whole lot less that in implied or actually stated by TR).

I tried to add a little levity to making my point, but that obviously didn’t work. Again, my apologies.


Notes from Nate, largely about outside workouts:


Any chance of an update on when beta AT might be available to those of us training indoors (for which beta AT seems to have been working for months) and who couldn’t care less about what head units people use for outside workouts? :wink: :rofl:


Asking now…I think we can move it to a self serve “early access” preview soon. But a show stopper bug could prevent that.

There’s one update I see coming in that I bet our COO will want in before we move to early access. But there could also be more stuff.


Thanks Nate, appreciate the follow up.

Here’s the status:

We have a big bit of code coming in right now that’s in testing. We want that to go out and have a few days in production to confirm that there aren’t any big bugs.

As soon as that’s stable, we’ll move AT to early access which means anyone can turn it on themselves via our website.

Soonest would be like a week. The latest would be like 1 year :sob:

I joke about the year but as those in software know, you never know how long an unknown bug will take to fix


Nate, thanks so much for the quick reply and transparency on the update.
Can´t wait to tackle AT! :wink:

Thanks again Nate. If it’s not ready for general early access next week, then just those who have been sitting (sometimes patiently) in the beta waiting room since 25 Feb would be fine by me :grin:


Appreciate the update on general access ETA Nate! As a user who has been on beta waiting list since announcement day, this is great to hear! :hugs:


I understand this is the current functionality, but I think it likely should have something to do with AT eventually.

Say I do something stupid and go way off plan and do 4 300 TSS rides in 4 days - AT should be able to detect this and adjust accordingly. It already has functionality to address forced time off (travel, injury, whatever), and completely ignoring the non-structure is a limiter

Now, as to whether it does this by using TSS or starting to properly review unstructured outside rides is immaterial to me. I think they could likely get there faster by looking at TSS than not adjusting to these types of situations until they can fully process unstructured work.

Sure. I am speaking in the present tense with whatever has or has not been mentioned by TR.

Suggesting this issue as something for a Feature Request makes sense, and may already be in mind with TR despite me not hearing anything about it.

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Question about levels/adaptations. Following my first ramp test in the AT beta, I was given a sweetspot level of 8.7. I then dramatically failed my first workout (a SS 8.8). The proposed adaptation changed the next SS workout to a 5.8, which seems great. However this is now marked as Achievable as my SS level is still 8.7. Will levels adapt at a later date or after more workouts?

  • Might not matter (since you did get a reduction via AT on the following workout), but out of curiosity, what was your reason you selected when answering the “Struggle” survey?
  • This may depend on how well you follow that workout (Pass vs Struggle) and the answer to the related survey. Depending on your rating for a Pass, it might lead to a drop in the related PL. And a repeated Struggle might do the same or more depending on the reason.
  • Generally speaking, I have only really heard of notable PL drops over time, via lack of doing workouts related to that Level.

Sadly, I don’t think we have seen many examples, so hopefully a TR rep can fill in the questions better.

No doubt this question has been answered but 4000 posts is a lot to search through. I was added to AT last week, tamp test was today so my next scheduled workout is Friday (low volume). Is there a way to move that workout to tomorrow and still have it affect my progression levels etc? Or would rescheduling it screw up my plan builder plan in a way that I don’t get credit for it?

There are other methods that people use for directly shifting the workouts however, what I’ve been doing if I need to do similar is add the workout via the normal search method. It’ll then give you the credit for PL etc and adjust your future workouts. That way I can leave the planned workouts and their links etc.

It leaves you with a TSS score on TR that is not complete, but intervals ICU just ignores the workouts missed.

Others have different/better ways perhaps. If you are doing it today you can probably just shift it as you don’t want tomorrow to be an adapted version of the same anyway, but I don’t know exactly how that works and I prefer to leave the plan as is for AT to adapt.


Thanks Chad. I chose ‘too intense’ (as that’s how it felt!). Be interesting to see what happens to PL if I’m completing 5ish level SS workouts and rating them hard.

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So at the very least I can just add the same workout on the day I want to do it and still have the downstream AT effects. Thanks



I did a 6000’ climbing day on Saturday, 4000’ Sunday on my 40 pound enduro bike. I do have a PM, but I didn’t notice the TSS as I don’t care. AT didn’t care at all about those rides. I still had the same workout scheduled on Monday.


Was away from home the past 2 weeks, so no vlogging while I was away, so caught up today with a video on my past few weeks. Managed to get a full training load using a stages spin bike since I didn’t bring any of my bikes. I had access to some primo gravel roads too, which was sad lol

Is there a way to tell AT to ignore a particular workout? I have a couple of custom workouts that have really messed up my PLs… For one I went back and changed the survey result to “very hard” but it didn’t seem to do anything, and now I am out of the 7 day window. The other one was a fail, but maxed out the PL anyway.

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