new data breakdown

@davidtinker This new functionality is so superb. Well done mate!


Tx. Wow thats massive improvement! Nice!


Congrats @Triathlete, though I’m not sure what the real topic of the thread was supposed to be :wink: I think @Nate_Pearson would refer to it as “humblebrag” :wink:


Haha nah noob gains. :grin:

I hadn’t seen this new page - so whatever the intent it was a good post. Thanks @davidtinker for adding this in, neat concept

With no racing this year it isn’t surprising I don’t have enough data points to draw the full curve for this year, but also neat to see where the gains have been coming year over year.

Curious - do you take into account decaying max HR year over year? So if I look back at 2016 and compare is it using a slightly higher HR than it would for this year? It’s a small change, but meaningful in the long term

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Tx. No its best to use the % threshold HR option for that case.


Mine is just like that - but the other way around :grimacing:

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Look like a neat idea, but my chart is just blank. Am I missing something?!

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Time periods? Did you try adding them via the plus button?

It’s coming up blank for me (it has time periods added)

Mine is blank as well

(David) side question - I only track heart rate for runs - would this chart be more accurate going forward if I had heart rate and power date for cycling and running?

I think there are all blank because you haven’t configured HR zones - bit of a guess

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It’s a good guess! Works great now. Fantastic feature David.

Perfect! I was searching around for info in regards to the “watts@150bpm” that shows up in my activity data.
This is a great comparison chart.
Thank you.

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Hey @davidtinker fantastic new graph.

Just a note, when I move the pointer to the lower area of the graph, the numbers are obscured by the box. They don’t hover on top. This is on PC in latest version of Chrome.

This graph would prove so useful if I only had valid HR data. With my past heart issues and some serious HRM failures as of late i have some wacky data to inerpret.

You can exclude HR data for individual activities if you just have a few dodgy ones. Click the cog icon under the ride timeline chart and tick the “ignore HR data” box.

@MikeMckinney doesn’t do anything with running power data yet. It will plot it on the run page but thats it. I need to do quite a lot of work to integrate that as I need to keep it separate from cycling power, add some and of running “FTP” and so on.


I’ve got some old “bad” rides, in the “last” season… any way for me to sort out where this/these rides are? I’m confident it was a strap error at some point, cause 75% at IV-hundred watts ain’t me.

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 9.58.13 PM

What’s the minimum “interval” time frame? on this feature? 2 minutes is a mediocre guess without really digging in.

It works off 1 minute segments adjusted for HR lag.

You might be able to find the iffy rides by adding a custom chart on the /fitness page and plotting efficiency (should be very high for that ride):


Was thinking if there was a way to correct for the cadence effect. For me, higher cadence brings my HR up, even at the same power. So if I did similar intervals at a higher cadence, it would look like I was getting less fit. Or do we not want to correct for that, because if you were actually getting more fit, your HR would stay lower, even at higher cadence?