kcal question

Prob obvious but, say I’ve done 5 or 6 rides ticking off routes on Zwift, is there a quick way to see the kcals totalled for just that day’s activities?

It’s fine on a Monday as it’s just the weekly total :rofl:

Go to the “Totals” page and filter down to the one day you want to see. Maybe a good feature request for @davidtinker would be to add “today” and “yesterday” options to the calendar widget:


Ah brill thanks. I didn’t realise you have to shift one of the months with the arrows to make them both the same month :rofl: I’m there stabbing away wondering why they won’t get closer together :rofl::rofl:

It would be cool to have an option to see all the same weekly totals for each day when you click on that date on the calendar.