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With regard to cooking eggs in a hotel room. I have a little breakfast sandwich maker appliance at home. It’s about 6 inches in diameter and could easily be packed in a suitcase. It cooks one to two eggs and they come out in the circular shape of an Egg McMuffin egg in a couple minutes with no mess.


Haven’t listened to this podcast yet.
Most hotels have a microwave somewhere in the room or lobby.
You can microwave scrambled eggs, you can even make poached eggs in microwave.


This was John’s suggestion. Ivy said she simply never stays somewhere without a kitchen.


I like Hampton inn or similar with free breakfast. They usually have eggs, waffle makers, cereal, juice, etc
A little pricey for a night but worth it to me for not worrying about breakfast.


I’m guessing that early humans who liked to burn a lot of energy just for fun didn’t fare very well. Not to mention that the bicycle is a brutally efficient way to expend energy.

I would think that’s a reasonable conclusion, but luckily, burning calories as leisure was probably of little value to these people :wink:

In regards to the burning calories on a bike, that’s very true. Even if intermittent fasting were to be “natural” in regards to evolution, burning 800-1,200 calories an hour for 3-5 hours a day, 6 days a week certainly doesn’t seem to fit in the same evolutionary narrative…

:frowning: he problem there is that they don’t open up for breakfast early enough for it to factor in for most of the races I go to. :frowning:

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That’s the problem I have too. They open after I leave and shut down before I return and clean up. I tend to get a place with a fridge and a cooktop instead. That also allows me to fill the room with healthy snacks and drinks bought at grocery store prices.


for us UK listeners why is everyone feeding their kids Goldfish :nauseated_face:

This is a goldfish in the UK


Yes, that’s the plan!
Im nervous about it though haha.

On a Santa Cruz Blur this year! :slight_smile:


Mmm protein.

Yeehaa! I’m here for it!

You all don’t have the “snack that smiles back” on the other side of the pond??



Was listneing to the latest Bonk Bros podcast yesterday on my ride…a listener sent in a question and ended it with “Pepperidge Farm Remembers!” and one of the hosts had any idea what the line meant.

I have never been so amused and felt so old at the same time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :woozy_face:


never seen/heard of it over here before it was on the pod!

@MaxinePhilavong @IvyAudrain any chance you can link the “yoghurt” pancake recipe of Alex?

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