Intentionally Increasing Heart Rate

I have read that artificially increasing heart rate by reducing your fan setting or turning it off is good for heat adaption and increasing your blood plasma volume. Is there any other benefit from artificially increasing your heart rate? I also read that heart rate is not a good metric*correct me if I am wrong) to calculate your calories burned so that is why the power metric succeeds it.

Do you have an race/event coming up?

no but just asking out of curiosity.

The combination of exercise and heat acclimation (which produces also hypervolaemia, but at a lesser degree than exercise) enhances hypervolaemia induced by exercise training alone.

Lot of technical terms over there!

Assuming hypervolaemia is the medical term for increasing heart rate, what does maximal cardiac output mean?

No. Hypervolaemia is the condition of having too much fluid in the blood, assuming that is the condition you are after – an increase in blood volume.

Maximum heart rate.

Yeah… okay so having a higher blood volume will increase your maximum heart rate so what if I intentionally increase my heart rate? will my blood volume be increased?

My mistake made in haste. Maximal cardiac output, I will assume, is the volume of blood the heart pumps, regardless of heart rate.

Hypervolaemia is all about the blood, not the heart.

Not entirely separate, cardiac output is stroke volume x heart rate. There’s a bit of a balancing act between the two at maximal cardiac output.

You prob will get an increase in stroke volume with hypervolemia, due to cardiac stretch.