Intensity factor Win10

Did a quick search for this and the issue has been mentioned in the middle of posts but can’t find an answer.

On the Win10 version of the ap (latest patch, Win10 latest patch): If I click intensity factor up or down arrows, there is a glitch where intensity just keeps increasing or decreasing out of control. I can be clicking on other windows, but the software is acting as if the pointer was on the arrow with the mouse pressed. Needless to say this makes ERG mode unusable. Restarting TR fixes it.

That’s a new one for me. My only complaint about changing the intensity in the Windows app, and perhaps it is somewhat related to yours, is there’s a significant lag in the numbers jumping I find. If I want to move the intensity up 20%, I either click on the up arrow next to the intensity percentage or I press the up arrow key. But, when I do that I have to count off how many times I press or click and hope that it jumps about that many times. If I press is 20 times, sometimes it jumps 16, 18, 20.

thanks! that seems to do the trick- letting the input lag catch up by pressing only once per second.

This was happening to me on-and-off for awhile on Win10. It was very annoying! I started always using the arrow keys on the keyboard to do it instead of clicking, and that seems to avoid the issue. I haven’t had it since. I thought it might have been fixed, but from your experience it sounds like it hasn’t been.