Integration with Strava

We are looking into getting Trainer road,but have a few questions.
1.Can trainer road sync to strava?
2.Can i use my garmin edge 520 to record the training?

Yes, TrainerRoad will sync to Strava.

No, you need an iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows device to use TrainerRoad on.

  1. Yes.

  2. No. Bluetooth devices can only broadcast data to one device at a time. So you would use either the mobile app or desktop to receive the bluetooth signal.

i will be using a giant cyclo ops with my garmin hr,cadence and speed sensor.Will that work?

There’s a good chance that would work with virtual power. Check out the equipment checker to make sure.

do you have to pair your sensors with your android phone or windows laptop?
with zwift yuo need a dongle to connect your sensors to your laptop.Do you also need something like that?
sorry for all the question.Just want to get the facts straigh before deciding

Yes, you will need to pair the sensors with the device you’re using. You can use either your Android phone or Windows laptop for running TrainerRoad.

Yes, you will likely need a dongle for connecting. Check the equipment checker I linked to before to make sure.

Windows - you’ll need a dongle for Bluetooth and ANT+
Android - you’ll need a dongle for ANT+ if your phone doesn’t have it

There are recommended Bluetooth and ANT+ dongles on the equipment checker.

thank you very much for all the information.

How do the training work?Do you get training which you have to do,or can you decide each time from a list what you want to do?

You will get full access to all of the pre-set searchable workouts. Each workout has a description explaining which aspects of performance it is targeting. These workout also have variants to tweak the workout a little harder or easier. There are literally hundreds.

On top of this, the workouts are grouped into structured plans linking them together to give you a progressive route to performance improvement. These plans have overviews which explain which areas of performance they are aimed at increasing.

These plans can then be added to your calendar so you can see when you will be doing what. The calendar allows you to tweak what days the workouts fall on in case real life gets in the way. It is pretty flexible.

If you want to go it alone you could create your own workouts and add them to your calendar.

You should checkout some of the blog/resources on the main site. Before I joined I listened to all the TrainerRoad podcasts on iTunes and then watched them on YouTube when they strarted recording the video as well. I cant recommend listening/watching them enough. They alone set trainerroad apart from the competition.

Just watch the YouTube Q&A on the calendar from the other week.
Someone will be along with links i’m sure.