Inspiration for mad cycling challenges

Try building one of these into plan builder…

What the hell kind of setup is the guy from example 2 using to calculate “3km” in 1 minute? Or over 100km in an hour?

Good lord @ that triple Everesting though. Disgusting endurance and willpower.

That’s an old record. Pretty sure someone just did a 24-hour Triple E.

Goog it.

41.5 hours is what I came up with on the site. Honestly even just finishing a triple Everesting without sleep is just amazing, whatever the time is.

The no sleep rule is only for the first Everest. If you’re doing multiple then you get a very generous 2 hour sleep allowance for each Everest after the first one!

Oof, I feel like that would almost just make it worse for me! I can’t imagine passing out for an hour or two and then being woken up to an alarm saying that I had to go do an entire other everesting, while now completely exhausted from the first. Almost seems like some short rests off the bike to eat some foods that are tough while riding, splash some water in your face, etc. would be easier than actually trying to sleep and tell the body “hey we’re done now.”

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