Inside Ride Kickr E-Flex Trainer Motion System

I’m still struggling to believe that DCRainmaker’s idea to call this “the FLOATR” wasn’t flushed down the pan before it was shared. Perhaps he’d already tried :grinning: :grinning:

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Awesome!!! Reports like this are what make this all worthwhile :smiley:

Thanks for sharing :+1:

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I also purchased the e-flex plus based on your comments and couldn’t be happier. A definite improvement in comfort!!

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Excellent! :smiley:

I found a review that was just released:

Notable is the announcement that there will soon be a version compatible with the Zwift Hub trainer. :smiley:

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Looks like Inside Ride added the Zwift Hub as the 3rd trainer supported by the E-Flex.

And I stumbled on earlier written review that we as the founder of the new option.

I’m looking at getting the E-Flex Plus for Core. I regularly swap between two bikes on the Kickr Core (same cassette) and I’m wondering how much of a hassle it would be to swap with the E-Flex in the mix? The bikes are mine and my wife’s so they don’t have the same wheelbase. Should it simply be a matter of getting the rear dropout in then lowering the fork onto the front support, and then doing a zero load lift and place to get the front end straight? Or is there something more that might be a pain in the context of frequent switches?

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  • Yes, that should be all it takes from what I know.

  • The only hiccup could be if you each had bikes with a different fork axle setup (100mm QR vs 12mm x 100mm Thru Axle), but if that matches this is a pretty easy swap.

Great, thanks. Both QR with current bikes, but it’s something to think about if only one of us gets a new bike (which are pretty much all TA now it seems).

This industry needs to find a way to let people demo these items; it’s such a financial risk to get one without knowing if one will like it/be able to handle it. Being in Canada, even if they do accept a return it’s US$120 shipping, plus tax and duty and return shipping if it’s a no-go for my wife. Or resell locally at a massive discount.

The larger makers (Saris & Wahoo) have an established dealer network with many getting in samples of these devices for people to try in a shop at least.

The smaller makers have a harder time since they don’t have that network to use. They are also working with a much smaller crew, so other than a return policy (that can get expensive for users and companies), there is not a ton of options out there, unfortunately.

I could see a demo program of sorts, but that would also include some of the same shipping costs so it’s not an instant solution either.