Injury midway through specialty phase


I’m 2 weeks into Criterium Mid Volume Specialty phase and I’ve caused some sort of injury in the back of my right knee. I think it stems from tight hamstrings but I’m unsure. It happened after a 60k solo ride at moderate - high intensity.

Unfortunately I can’t go and see anybody about it due to the Covid-19 situation - but I’ve spoken to my physiotherapist friend and he’s said 2 weeks rest, with icing etc - no pedalling.

This is my first year of TR and I’ve made heaps of progress, losing weight and gaining power. This is the first time in my life I’ve done structured training and I think the injury is coming on the back of only ever having a week of rest between training blocks - so it may be a blessing in disguise.

My question really is what should I do next in terms of training? I was struggling with criterium specialty phase as my build was sustained power MV, so I was vastly unprepared for the anaerobic work. Riding at 130%+ for any time at all was blowing me out big time.

I’m thinking about starting back from build and starting again on short power build - so I can then move on to crit spec with strength in the right areas. Is this a good idea?

Does anyone have any experience with this? how have you guys managed with injury in the past?


this seems reasonable, but before you plan anything, get healthy with the knee first. could be something pulling on something else, ie when most poeple have knee pain it’s a tight IT band or something else.

i’ve dealt with baker’s cysts before behind the knee, which luckily didnt ramp down training too much.

can you pay a physio to come see you at home?

I’m not sure if I could get someone to come round, but I wouldn’t want to at this time, I’m in the UK and the guidance is pretty strict atm regarding covid - there are no races any time soon so time is essentially on my side.

I think it’s all about time letting the knee heal to be honest, it does feel like a muscle or tendon issue so I think rest will be the only way until the pain stops, then start stretches and physio work when I get back onto the bike.

that makes sense, good luck with it and sending healing vibes your way