Iñigo San Millán training model

Ah, you must be really new to this. You’ll get there buddy, don’t give up.

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30-sec sprints at 450-700Watts. 90kg. I just did the math where y’all are training at 5.0 to 5.5 W/kg :wink:

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Hot ISM training news: zone 2 (shhh, its tempo) works for penalties!

So I’m in Spain at the moment and yesterday’s train was full of Bilbao supporters. My wife looked up their fate just now and…they won! On penalties!


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tempo … the most meaningless word ever


One of the biggest game changers for my training in the last year was a combination of really digging into @empiricalcycling 's podcasts, along with Andy Coggan’s short but intense tenure here on the forum, along with reading some of the WKO4/5 stuff. Part of the thing with zones is that it becomes pretty clear that “Coggan Zones” doesn’t just mean “zones as defined and named by Dr. Andy Coggan.”

What “Coggan Zones” really means is that these are the zones of Andy freakin’ Coggan; they were defined quite personally by his own training. I was re-listening to Kolie’s podcast about zones with Rory Porteous the other day, and Rory mentions that the Tempo zone exists because Coggan was doing some tempo fartlek training and needed a place to put it. So, Zone 3.