Indoor outdoor power meter specific question

Does anyone use a kickr bike indoors and Asimoma power pedals for outdoors? I wanted to know if there what was the difference in the power readings so that I can avoid being demotivated (or feeling like a super hero) once the weather gets warmer and I can use the pedals!

There are numerous topics discussing this combo that are worth review:

that search is for KICKr only, but this is KICkR bike which would be a little different imho. This seems to cover good agreement; Favero Assioma Users - #966 by gurk700

and this would be the updated search: Search results for 'assioma "kickr bike"' - TrainerRoad

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Copy that. I missed the “bike” since there were no caps in use for that aspect.

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And aside from those search options, I am obligated to suggest a direct test with the Kickr Bike and Assioma pedals that you actually own. Despite all the claims of accuracy and tolerances made for these devices, we have seen more than a few instances where it’s not practical to expect wide and consistent results in all cases.

As such, nothing beats doing your own testing, so keep that in mind.

Yeah I highly suggest installing assiomas on your kickr bike and comparing yourself. They might match or might be off, there’s no guarantee.

From there you can adjust your expectations for inside and outside efforts accordingly.

I will say, even if kickr bike and assiomas match 1 to 1, outside power and inside power are not the same thing. you might perform better in one over the other so don’t sweat it too much. I know it’s annoying and it annoys me as well but I remember it’s all a little bit of ball park and estimation so it’s good to not dwell on it :slight_smile:


Great replies from everyone thank you