Indoor / Outdoor difference - special snowflake


we often see questions like “Is there a different FTP indoor and outdoor?”.

And I think today, we sort of agree, indoor has a bit higher heartrate, and there are 3-5% more power available outoor. We mostly attribute it to cooling.

Now, I want to add another flavour to the sauce: Lactate also differs - a lot.

If we consider lactate an important parameter, there is quite some impact. So here are the figures, all normalized:
Now. On that special snowflake thing: I took part in a study of a sports science institute. Same bike&powermeter, all tests spread over weeks in a different order from the table. I managed to get hold of the data of two more guys. Same. Obviously, N=3 is not enough to generalize a statement. But enough to share on the interwebs and see, if anyone has more on that.