Indoor/Outdoor 70.3 - Question

I plan on doing an indoor/outdoor 70.3 in June for fun. I am going to do the swim at the local pool and drive back to my house to do the bike portion. Is there a way to set a distance goal in trainer road and it generate a random workout and allow me to select the intensity I want to attempt?


  • Nope, TR does not look at “Speed or Distance” actively within a workout in any way. It may report those estimated values upon completion of a workout, but that depends on the equipment included and setup related to the Devices section in the app.

Generally speaking, this type of event is better done with other apps like Zwift, Rouvy, RGT Cycling and such.

An option for trainerroad would be to use something like best bike split to make a simulated course. You can either pic a race that exists, they have many existing 70.3 course files in their library, or plot out a 56 mile loop in your area using something like open street maps (is that what it is called?) then upload that to BBS. In there you enter your bike type, ftp, intensity you want to ride stuff like that. It will then spit out a profile of the course in varying power levels, say hold 200 for 10 minutes go up to 210 for 2 minutes down to 190 for 5 minutes etc etc… You can then export that file and use TR workout creator to make a workout from that file.

While it won’t be the “distance” since you didn’t go anywhere it will be a simulation of whatever course you chose of that distance and the effort it would take for you to have done it.

BBS isn’t free, there might be another way to do it that is I just don’t know off the top of my head what that option might be.

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Thank you,

I think I was overthinking it as well. I am using the concept 2 Bike-Erg which records the meters which is what I am going to go off of. I might just select a really long endurance ride do two shorter ones until I get my estimated distance off the concept 2. None of this is to mirror reality but for fun. The endurance rides will at least give me some changes in wattage to pass the time.

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