Indoor efforts don't seem to match with outdoor efforts. That was't the case before

I weigh 74kilos and my FTP as of now is 293W(determined through ramp test) and currently doing SSB LV2. I have been noticing that my average speed outdoors have been decreasing. In the fall of 2018, I had a similar FTP and my average speed was close to 30 km/h and sometimes even above 30! Now, I find it difficult to do simple outdoor endurance rides because my average speed is too low compared to others(who also do solo rides). I always calibrate by vector 3s powermeter to 0.00. I suspect that something could be wrong with my riding technique but I am not sure.

Here are the fit files from 2 recent rides:-

And here are the fit files from 2 rides during the fall of 2018:-

I don’t feel faster on the road given this situation. I hope it can be fixed…

Sorry I didn’t look at the .fit files because I’m on my phone.

Are you looking at the same exact routes to compare average speed? Also, stopping very heavily affects average speed.

Are the rides being done at the same average power? Just because you have the same FTP doesn’t mean that you are riding just as hard

I’ve found that when I started structured training I got better at going hard but I also got better at keeping things under control and going easy. This was partially learning what endurance pace felt like but also because I was so tired from the high intensity workouts.

Are the rides you are trying to compare both solo rides? Drafting and groups play a huge role in speed and power output.

Maybe I’ll go back on my computer and look at the fit files but those are just some possible questions to think about.

Oh, also think about apparel and equipment during these rides. If one was a nice summer day with tight aero kit and another was winter with a jacket or wind vest with heavier bib tights then the summer ride would most likely be faster.

I am looking at pretty similar routes but they are in the same region. I don’t stop too often except when it is necessary and I choose routes that involve minimal interruptions. The average power is pretty much the same but I have changed power meters. I was using the xCadey crank based power meter for the 2 rides under fall 2018. I now use the garmin vector 3s and have a hard time matching those efforts but I do understand that vector 3s is a pedal based power meter so it might report higher wattage when I stomp on the pedal. They are indeed solo rides and I did wear thick winter clothing for the recent rides but it shouldn’t make a huge difference right? I have been facing this issue ever since I switched to the vector 3s.

Oh and my HR for all the rides is similar and I rode on the hoods and barely get into the drops.