Incorrect Progression Level - Bald [Resolved ✅]

It looks like there’s an issue with the PL level of “Bald”. For some reason it’s LOWER than “Pettit”.


It’s probably due to the longer warm up in bald, making the workout slightly shorter but I do think we really do need workout level v2 because I think there are many workouts with wrong levels (especially in the sweet spot catalogue where workouts such as mount major and roan high are way overrated)

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No, Bald was a PL of 3.6 until it appears to have just been reduced to 3.0.

Im now wondering if others have been incorrectly changed.


Both Pettit and Bald have been reprocessed to their correct display level. Thanks for @'ing me so we can fix these!

Marking as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’ while Bald is fixed. Cheers!


Nice. Thanks for the speedy response :+1:

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