Incorrect can I re-set

I’ve been troubleshooting problems with my Kickr/Snap. With the help of Wahoo support we’ve finally isolated what’s going on. When I first got the trainer and went through the set up process I was unaware of the need to turn off all other bluetooth devices. My first 2 Zwift rides were on a flat course and really hard with a 50 watt average. I then subscribed to TR to have something to compare. I did a FTP test and got an 83…(really does anyone have an 83FTP…lol!!!). Well doing that test with all of the connectivity/drop out issues was a mistake because now my trainer uses that as a baseline. Wahoo fitness support indicated that an FTP <100 will always perform incorrectly. My next move is to zero out/re-set the FTP established through TR so I can repeat the FTP test. Does anyone know how to re-set the FTP? TR doesn’t have a phone number nor do their support pages help.

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Go to your career page and click on your FTP in the upper right. That will bring you to a page where you can edit you FTP and weight. Set a new one there and hit update information and you should be good to go.


Or if you are in the mobile app hit the three lines in the top right and then go to account and you can change it there, don’t forget to update your weight as well if required.

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