Incorporating Commuting KM's & Club Rides into a weekly plan

Good Morning Guys and Gals

I am about to start a plan. I am not racing next year per say, I have the following in order of pirority;

  1. Several Hilly 160km+ Sportives
  2. Weekly 10M TT’s (These run from May - August)

I want to do the TT’s as I enjoy the craic and I enjoy TT’s.

I currently commute (approx) 45km a day upto 3 times a week and want to continue doing so. In decent weather I will do a full weeks commuting. It is a bit rolling.

I have a club ride mid-week and also a club ride at the weekend. The midweek one is usually about 50-60km depending on time of year. The weekend one is 130+ depending on time of year. I don’t always get out at the weekend. Nor Currently do I get out midweek due to workload!

My main question is regarding the commute. Do I try and keep this at Z2 (it’s difficult on some sections as I have 2 Cat4 climbs to do!) and use it as active recovery? The club stuff I can swap for a workout where possible and when the new year ticks over I will start getting longer rides in.

Yeah, keep your commutes as low intensity as possible.

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