Inbetween base plans

Just finished my first ever base plan and ready to start round 2.

However it has come at a point where for life reasons I’m not going to be able to commit to regular effort or have the hour free most workouts require. This should only be for a month or so.

I am going to keep on doing workouts for my enjoyment (?) but with minimal structure as my life is going to be very unstructured, my thinking was as I can’t get much time the workouts I do should be the more intense options as I’m not going to get much from 45 minutes of light endurance work (I do that with the commute to and from work most days).

Would missing out the endurance workouts be a massive hindrance for phase 2?

Have a look at the Enthusiast Time Crunched 30 & 45 plans:

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Perfect, not scrolled far enough down to see them (the perils of checking it out at work! ).

Will retest, and stick with them until life gets back on it’s feet and just shuffle about as life dictates.

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