Implement a new threshold detector automatically (Feature Request)

An idea! Why not implement a new threshold detector automatically like Training Peaks? This would be great for when we are training outside!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been in the R&D department for quite some time.

The caveat would be that a lot of users might not have usable historical data to draw from, especially those who are new to structured training and don’t know exactly where their limits are.

Also, because outdoor power often differs from indoor, outdoor data may not directly translate for a lot of users.

I think some features along these lines are bound to happen, but my take on it is they should proceed cautiously. The pioneer gets the arrow, so being late to the party with these sort of “smart” features can be a good thing.

As of now, we don’t have a way to accurately predict or detect FTP, but this is something we would like to do as we get better at analyzing and interpreting data. It’s not on the Development Roadmap at the moment, but it is on our radar :+1:


It’s a bit difficult to do within the ‘Trainerroad universe’. By default, all your workouts scale with your current ftp, so unless you increase the intensity of a workout, you’ll never really see an increased ftp. (FTP test excluded of course).

(Of course, TR could use data from non-TR rides for this, but it’d seem a bit odd to develop a feature like that just for that purpose).

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Equally, just because you may have pushed greater watts outside of TR training does not mean you can sustain that level repeatedly during structured workouts.
I do two 10 day blocks of riding in the Alps each year and when I get back my FTP has usually risen dramatically. However, through experience I’ve found though that I can’t sustain that FTP without starting a downward spiral to failed workouts and illness