Impact of one plan on another

My original plan was to work through a TT season (finishing July) followed by a priority CX season starting in September and finishing in December:

Sweet Sport Base 1 & 2
Sustained Power Build
40K TT speciality
Short Power Build
CX Speciality

The time available means that I can complete each of these blocks in full.
Now that TT races have been cancelled for the moment, I can follow the plan above or switch to a more CX focused plan where the Sustained Power Build and 40K TT are substituted for Short Power Build and CX Speciality. I would prefer the original plan listed above for variety but not if there are big advantages to be gained by doing 2 rounds of a CX focused plan.
Question: is a CX season/plan disadvantaged much by doing a 40TT plan before?
any advice much appreciated