Impact Force from Power Meter

A bit of a random question. I recently got myself a pair of Garmin XC100 pedals, and I wonder if one can access the raw data and use that to find impact force?

Just for curiosity, I would like to know how much impact force is seen through the pedals landing a drop/jump etc.

I wish rear rims had an impact force meter… I went all the way to 11 on the gravel bike yesterday! :rofl:

RE Impact force from a PM: Unlikely from the power meter. It might be sampling data at a high rate internally… but I suspect it’s smoothed/averaged before being transmitted to any readable data over BLE or ANT+.

Have you looked into the jump/grit/flow data on the Edge units? Maybe not quite what you’re after though.


Yes, those are some neat features, the jump data particularly!
I guess I was just wondering if there was a way to access the raw data, so that I could pick out a case of high strain reading with no cadence, and get the force from that.