iLevels/WKO4 use with TR

Does anyone use WKO4 and iLevels to modify workouts in TR for more personalized training?

Yes for VO2 and Anaerobic work.

I’ll use a combination of Optimized Intervals and the PD Interval Targeting Pack to tweak specific workouts where it makes sense. The more you deviate from the bell curve in a particular area, the less likely I’ll make a change however and you can quickly get into the weeds trying to re-optimize your workouts for a particular area.

For example, based on my WKO4 data, it suggests 1 minute repeats at 185% for Bluebell, but I really doubt I’d be able to do it right out of the gate for the number of repeats that are there. I could tweak the rest intervals out to 2 minutes but at that point, it’s a different workout than what is intended IMO.

However, for Mills, it suggests I can do 2 minute repeats at 140% and with how it’s designed, I feel like that would be an easy change to make. I’d either bump the intensity up for the first interval, or just make a copy of the workout in Workout creator and tweak the interval peaks.

For Sweetspot work, I usually just use the standard progressions in the plans, unless I have some very specific needs.


I will use WKO4’s Optimized Intervals and the PD Interval Targeting Pack as well, but really only for VO2max work. I don’t typically make any adjustments for any workouts that are threshold power or lower. As for the VO2max rides, I try to leave the TR workout ‘as-is’ as much as possible and just adjust the workout intensity up or down depending on my OI targets.


Thanks guys. That’s exactly what I was looking for.