If I have more time then the scheduled workout, should I

Sweet Mother of god. I’d no idea there were so many variations of hobnob.

It’s hobnobs all the way down, sir.

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Loving the hobnob love in here.

I wish I could buy them, but a combination of them being 100 cal a biscuit, my horrible lack of self-control when it comes to eating and my desire to lose weight are so incompatible that I just have to pretend they don’t exist :joy:

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Ive never seen that variation but I want them :yum:

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I miss the caramel ones, think they were a limited edition here a while back. if you have more time than the scheduled workout you should probably just try them all though :woman_scientist:

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Dark chocolate hobnobs are the best. End of thread. :slight_smile:

Best not eaten during a hard interval though - the crumbs get quite coughy. Soreen bars are best for during workouts, hobnobs for after.

First long outdoor ride I ever did was a spur of the moment dare / bet. My housemate at the time bet me £50 that I couldn’t ride to Wales and back by noon the next day. He gave me a Tesco Value multipack of biscuits to take in my backpack, so I worked my way through a pack of custard creams, a pack of bourbons, and two packs of other things that I can’t remember (this was 1996). Biscuits for the win!

You could get them on a mail order subscription. One hobnob delivered per day.