"Ideal" duration for gap between end of speciality phase and event

What’s an “ideal” duration (a range, in days), between the final workout in a Speciality Phase and a target event?

In other words, how much recovery is that last reduced-volume week of a specialty phase so supposed to allow for, and how much additional might be needed?

I know this will vary by person and circumstances, but what’s a finger-in-the-air for a reasonable range?

That final week of a specialty phase is ideally supposed to be for the week of the event. In most if not all of the plans the Saturday workout is meant as an opener for a Sunday race though customize accordingly of course.

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OK, thanks.

I’d not noticed that planned volume reduces in week 7, in addition to the big drop in week 8, hence there being scope for recovery during that 2 week period. I’ll tweak it anyway.