I think i started the wrong program in a phase, what to do?

I have been riding MTB for a few years, bought a road bike/trainer to try and improve my riding. Decided to give this a crack, not really knowing what it would be about. Did a ramp test and it put my FTP at 316.

I am currently trying to lose weight, as i have put a few (20kg) on over the last 18mths as well as improve my fitness on the bike over winter.

I didn’t really read what the base phase programs were about and started the Sweet Spot Base LV2 program instead of starting with SSBLV1. Is this bad? I got through the first few sessions ok then blew up about 15 min into a session unable to get anywhere near the 96% FTP it was asking me to do.

Should i go back and start SSBLV1 for the lower TSS to begin with or maybe move over to Traditional Base LV or MV as i have weight loss goals?

Go back and do SSBLV1. It’ll set the stage for all the rest and ease you into it. 2 is much harder.


Thanks for your reply, have changed to SSBLV1 and will see how i go.

I think this implies that your aerobic endurance base is totally shot. Definitely build that up first with lots of base phase. At least 6 months or so? It’s also easier to work on your nutrition when you are not trying to target high power numbers.