I’m cheating on my coach

I’ve only done it once, I swear! As of this morning I’ve cheated on my coach with TrainerRoad…

I’ve been working with my coach for about two and a half years and I’ve been really happy with where he’s gotten me. I started with training for 70.3’s but have recently shifted to pure cycling, mainly criteriums.

My coach has told me that he plans to raise his fees Jan 1st. and I’m not so sure about the value anymore. Initially the accountability he demanded was huge. Now that I’ve trained consistently I feel like I can motivate myself through a training plan on my own. I’ve got a new baby and my wife isn’t back to work, so frugality is the goal.

By breaking it off with my coach I’d be able to afford more racing and bike related fun (I really want to get into MTB racing after all the Leadville hype).

I’m locked in with TR for the next year (had to jump on the $99 plan while I could). So now I’m faced with the tough task of “breaking up” with my coach. Any suggestions on how to approach this situation?


You answered your own question:

I’d start it with something like, “Thanks for all your help and effort on my behalf the past couple of years,” and then copy those two sentences verbatim. Good luck!


As Nash says above, I would reference that you are grateful for all of the help and that with the new baby, you aren’t able to swing the fees. Most people will understand.