I invented Roubaixing. AMA

Yesterday I did Roubaixing for the first time.

I rode the length of cobbles that are in Paris Roubaix doing laps of one set of cobbles. Down the cobbles, up the parallel road, back down the cobbles.

216 laps of a 255m stretch, 3 punctures, 4 bags of haribo. 106km in total

Why did I do this?


Specialized are firing up their legal team in 3…2…



Did the last quarter of it with a 23mm off my time trial bike on the back as I’d punctured all my spare tyres for the 32mm I had there. Do not recommend!

I did it to raise money for this charity that runs a tiny farm in inner city Liverpool, and cos I wasn’t allowed to go to the British Hill Climb Champs.


Haha, I saw your post on insta/twitter. Love it, but looking at the state of our entry, I’d have two punctures per lap. Could do a cobbled everest there though… :thinking:

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More likely that the officials from the Commune of Roubaix call Specialized to discuss a licencing arrangement for Spesh to continue to use the name of their 800 year old city… :wink:


What I really want to know is, what did the neighbours think?


I feel like every tire manufacturer and carbon wheel manufacturer is paying @joshowenmorris to make this post and advertise his achievement.

Oh man, I wish! Second hand planet x frame rolling on second hand alloy Genesis wheels, with a 30mm something up front then a 32mm rubino on the back, until my second puncture meant I had to swap it for a schwalbe lugano 23mm


Most of them have chucked in a few quid for the charity! One even brought desert round yesterday evening!

Half of the back alley is in fairly good shape as we spent the first lockdown cleaning it up, although the other half is not so good, as you’ll see from the pictures/videos on twitter!

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