I got a power meter

and there wasn’t enough clearance to fit my bike. So this is what I did in an attempt to get faster…

First of all, this is a bike I made. It’s not the best, it’s not the worst, but it gets the job done.

Gen 2 Stages are pretty cheap right now so I threw some money at my computer and this showed up in the mail :slight_smile:

But eeehhhh not sure if I have that much clearance Clarence.

Nope… So had to make some.

Was going to use some chromo but wanted something thicker so I chopped some stainless off of this exhaust…

Trimmed it.

Ate 2 packs of these

Dropped it inside

Pulled it out. Welded it on.

Cleaned it up.

Done enough. Am I faster yet?


Nice work!