I Didn’t Follow the Recipe, and I’m Appalled It Turned Out So Awful

I live in the county with the 4th largest hispanic population in the country…pretty sure it’s fairly authentic by US standards.

That is not a high bar to clear…

Eh. Possibly. Though this is the first time I’ve seen Chicagos mexican food referred to as inauthentic…

This isnt Iowa or north dakota.

Sitting in a resort laundry room while this storm passes figured I would say a few words
Are we cracking open a new egg here?
Different regions in Mexico have different styles of food. Just like the USA has different styles of pizza, excluding the fast food pizza you dip in ranch salad dressing.
So what really is authentic?

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All of the different kinds of Mexican food in Mexico are authentic.

Food billed as “Mexican food” anywhere else can comfortably be referred to as “authentic” if it very closely matches any of the ACTUALLY authentic stuff.

I’ve had some darn fine Mexican food in some really unexpected places (near Choate Rosemary Hall comes to mind), and some terrible stuff that surprised me too. Chicago, North Dakota, Perú, Miami… there’s good and bad ethnic food everywhere.

I agree with “if it’s greasy it’s not authentic” 100%. Instant sign of U.S. influence right there. Mexican food is NOT greasy. Even the churros aren’t actually greasy.

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My opinion: if the “Mexican” place offers sour cream on tacos, it’s not real “Mexican”.

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You clearly never had my paternal grandmother’s Mexican food. Seemed a little greasy to me. She was born and raised there, maybe she didn’t follow the recipe :rofl: What a bizarre thread twist.


I should also point out that when I say greasy, I do NOT mean not delicious. I love mexican food. I just dont typically view it as healthy. Of course…I dont view much of any restaurant food as heathy/not greasy…most Italian or thai places are just as bad.

I did just this literally 5 minutes ago.

I’m eating the scrambled eggs with ham and cheese as I type this.


So I guess the following fits under the category of “I followed the recipe and didn’t quite get the flavor I wanted” lol

I’ve been making some nice PR’s with my power curve as of late. I generally don’t spend time comparing years, but out of curiosity I pulled power curves for this year vs 2021, when for a period I did exclusively adaptive training when it came out

At the time I didn’t have any major complaints with adaptive training but at the end was quite underwhelmed with lack of any major shifts in any aspect of my power curve. To be fair, I was doing most things inside and with ERG mode, where I think it’s more difficult to set records. I did high volume plans and aside from maybe a couple workouts, I had nearly 100% compliance and of course I was happy to not have any workouts where I totally bombed. However, in retrospect I think I wasn’t pushed enough in some areas, which led me to try out some new things going forward.

Fast forward to today, my training is actually pretty simple, but I do little more volume (14hrs vs 10-12) and generally limit hard days to twice a week (but sometimes I’ll do high tempo for a 3rd moderately hard session). But I’ve pushed my power curve up by doing, for example, longer sweet spot and tempo intervals beyond what TR plans typically max out with (or at least the ones I was doing). I also do more vo2 blocks through the year (2 dedicated blocks and a couple of mixed blocks with threshold and vo2 workouts), and I do workouts without erg and just focus on hard 3-5min efforts.

So if I were to provide any tips, they would be a) try to do efforts to extend continuous time for sweet spot, consider doing custom workouts if you’re doing adaptive training and move beyond suggested workouts b) skip the short vo2 efforts, do stuff like 6x3min, 5x4min 4x5min as hard as you can sustain c) cut out the erg if you do most stuff inside and the obvious d) add more moderate volume. Ultimately for me, I needed something different, for others it might just require some tweaking and picking slightly different workouts.


Adding on to your tips, and speaking for myself, more capacitive efforts and not repeatability. For the short stuff that means doing 30-sec, 1-min, and 2-min efforts full-gas and as capacitive efforts. Plus doing longer vo2 efforts from 3-8 minutes. FWIW I found that the repeatability appeared to make me tired, blunted adaptations, and it is better to do more capacitive efforts in training, to increase your capacity to do that type of work, and your endurance/conditioning work will support repeatability out on the road.

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A single cell wide technically.

Or with a sharp knife extreme thin, 0.5 - 1mm?

Tried searching but I’m not getting any thing I trust or understand. What’s a “capacitive effort”?

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Learning how to really cook those short & hard efforts!

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