I did the impossible or was it nothing!

I’m sure some of you will think I’m making this story up and some of you will think it isn’t even worth telling…

I’m on a LV+ plan of 6 days a week. This last weekend I really struggled through my hard Saturday ride. It was Palisade and the unders didn’t feel recooperative at all, just felt like I kept burying myself the whole interval. Maybe it was residual fatigue, or poor nutrition, or I psyched myself out not up. Regardless I decided I would try this thing called “an extra rest day”.

I know you’re thinking shouldn’t you just do an easy fun outdoor ride? Or maybe just an easy spin? We all know how easy it is for “easy” rides to not be so easy. So I whimpered all day as I saw cyclist bike down my street, but I resisted the urge in my heart and sore legs to ride. Then I did it again on my normal rest day.

That’s it. My special unbelievable victory was allowing myself an unplanned rest day. And I crushed today’s workout. I didn’t lose all my progress. I didn’t all of the sudden gain 20 watts. I just feel strong and ready to complete my workouts this week.

Be strong and listen to your body everyone.


This - though sometimes it takes a while to understand and contextualise what you’re hearing…