I am gaining weight after going to the gym! (Gained 5kgs!)

Pull-ups and Push-ups are excellent exercises for the arms as well as chest and back. The entire arm, including forearm. My arms are the most muscular they’ve ever been and I haven’t done a bicep curl in almost 20 years.

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OP, you should do two leg days twice a week. Lift heavy for low reps. Increase weight when you get stronger. Switch to once a week in season to maintain strength as others have suggested.

Have the leg lifts be your key lifts for the day and supplement the workout with upper body.

For example,
Deadlifts heavy 4set x 5 reps (full body compound lift)
Pull ups x 5 (back, core, and biceps)
Standing shoulder press x 5 (shoulder, core, triceps)
5min of core exercise

Something like this would be much more beneficial for athleticism than what your currently doing.

Squat heavy 4sets x 5 reps
Push ups x 5 (chest, triceps)
Farmers carry (full body exercise)

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Thanks, it has been a while but I have anyways lost over 8 kilos over the period of one year after changing my diet. My strength training routine is a lot better now as I include a lot of core work and focus on my lower back (which has been neglected for a while!)

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Apologies if you’ve already thought of this, but one thing that jumped out at me here- have you looked at your calories in/calories out balance? Strength training generally burns less calories per hour than endurance sport (and this differential is probably even greater for most trained cyclists), so if you’ve decreased the amount of kJ’s you’re burning on the bike while keeping your intake roughly the same you could simply be in a caloric surplus.
That might be beneficial from a muscle-building standpoint depending on what you’re after, though I would imagine there’s a point at which the rate of weight gain stops being helpful.

Well I don’t know what TR’s frame of mind is for recommending bench presses for cyclist…but even if TR claims bench press is the best exercise ever for cycling I’m going to assure you that bench pressing doesn’t help your cycling. And I think if you stop to consider it you’ll agree.

But I’ll say that if you want to do bench press and bicep curls to look better then you should! Not ever exercise you do ever has to be something that improves your cycling. It’s ok to look better, too!

But always keep in mind bench press is the deadliest lift there is. When I see somebody benchpressing to failure on a consistent basis…ach! Be safe, bro!

Also, if you’re taking creatine…of course that’s good for at least 5lbs water rate after you’re fully loaded. So keep that in mind.

No worries. In fact, I believe that my diet is the main problem and not lifting weights. This topic is more than a year old and back then I was hitting the gym only twice a week and was riding my bike for 6-8 hours per week. I do not formally track my calories through any app, but I have looked at various sources over the course of a year to find the cause of weight gain ranging from podcasts to books and I finally found my answer: it is the diet!

How and what is my diet deserves a completely another topic but long story short: caloric restriction is impossible to follow when eating lots of carbohydrates and dearth of plant-based foods. I no longer crave carbs and can maintain my weight. I still lift weights twice a week and never noticed any increase in weight.

Oops, must have missed that part :woman_facepalming: That’s what’s I get for speed reading, haha. Glad you figured it all out though!

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