Hydration solution for running at summer

It’s going to be hot shortly. And obviously need to find some solution for running sessions of 1.5-3 hours.
Does anyone has some recommendation for a hot weather? (about 28-33 Celsius)

My preferences are for hydration backpack instead of bottles to avoid a need to stop and refill.
Looked at Nathan VaporKrar but after a couple of reviews I figured out it would be too hot and sweet accumulating.

Any feedback about Nathan VaporAir would be appreciated as well :slight_smile:

Hubby got the Salomon ADV skin 12 recently and likes it. Two bottles in the pockets in front and space for a bladder in the back (and other stuff too). He hasn’t had a chance to try it out in the heat yet.

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That or maybe this one for better ventilation (but no option to carry a bladder)


Personally, the two included flasks would be fine for me for long runs, especially if I plan my routes to go past fountains or gas stations.

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I used to run in similar conditions, tried quite a few options that I already owned or borrowed, and didn’t get on very well with any of the packs that involved a bladder on the back. Just got very sweaty and uncomfortable for me. YMMV. I ended up with a cheapish random brand waist belt off Amazon that held 2 x 300ml bottles on the hips, and left my upper body to sweat freely, plus no chafing from the straps. My long runs had a couple of places I could refill so that worked for me. I like the look of the vest options posted above that only have a mesh on the back and hold bottles on the front, if I needed more capacity I think I’d go for one of those ahead of a bladder.

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