Hydration pack recommendation

So it looks like The Rift is going to go ahead at this point…the virus seems to be under control in Iceland and the organizers sent a positive e-mail about the race over the weekend. Still a bit uncertain myself, but hoping to get a vaccine between now and then.

Assuming I go, I need a new hydration pack. I have one smaller Camelback but it is just hydration, not storage. The pack I have with storage is very old (20+ years) and fit and function of hydration packs has changed substantially.

Any favorites / suggesstions? A few considerations…

  • I hate riding with a pack, so weight is a factor
  • I don’t drink very much on the bike…based on aid station placement, a 1.5L bladder should be more than sufficient for me. (will also have two large bottles on the bike). This also ties to the above point…I don’t want a huge pack on my back.
  • heat won’t be an issue in Iceland, but this would also be my primary hydration pack moving forward, so lightweight / breathable is obviously preferred.

Considering the Camelback Chase at the moment…open to other suggestions.


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