Hr based intervals

I am struggling to make hr based intervals for my younger brother, I could easily make him some power based intervals, but he has no power meter. I have a good threshold session, and a tabbada session, but I know that those aren’t enough to build a whole training program. I am personally using power for my intervals, and I also have a coach from cts building my plan, so I dont really have very much of an idea how to train with hr, and I cant just modify copies of my program, because as far as I know power zones and hr zones dont quite match up

It’s all right here:

I got really strong doing HR based intervals using CTS plans on Strava.

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Think about using RPE and HR to prescribe intervals. Z2 can be figured out with the talk test. You can figure out the threshold HR and probably prescribe the interval as 90%. Intervals above threshold can be prescribes as maximum for the duration. Tabbata can be ‘as hard as you can’ and then ‘easy pedaling’.

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