How would you eat an Escape from Alcatraz sandwich?

Hi TR users!

Next year I’ve signed up for a Half Distance triathlon on 17th May (Outlaw Half in Nottingham, UK), then a Full Distance on 26th July (Outlaw Full, also in Nottingham, UK).
I’ve done several half-distance tris using the TR plans with great success, but this will be the first year that I go the full distance.

I’ve provisionally plotted out my training based around the TR Mid Volume Full Distance plan and it all seems doable.

However, after 5 years of entering the lottery and not getting a place, I’ve been (un)fortunate enough to get a place in next year’s Escape from Alcatraz. It’s on the of 7th June, 3 weeks after my Middle Distance race.
Doing EFA has been on my bucket list since I got into triathlon and I’m desperate to do it.
Ideally I’d target the Outlaw Half and Alcatraz as B races, and the Outlaw Full as my A race.

Any advice or ideas on how to modify my training plan would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Its an amazing experience!!
The bike has climbs that range from fairly short and punchy to fairly sustained.
I trained using general build as my specialty phase, and i think it worked out well.

Focus on running hills / sand as your brick sessions.

But with three weeks between the two, add in recovering / travelling etc you don’t really have many options with the 70.3 being your ‘A’ race.

Just add in a few hill brick sessions during your half-outlaw training, then just buckle up for the ride in San Fran, i dont think theres much you can do in the time you have,

But either way, it will be truly amazing!