How Tough is Williamson +4?

After the discussion during the latest podcast, I calibrated my trainer/pm before Williamson +4 (which I do not often do).

I made it through the first and second sets, but took a brief back pedal after the last effort in the second set. The third set, I had to take a backpedal during the 2 min and 1 min efforts. After the last effort, I laid down for a minute before doing the endurance portion.

I usually don’t break down during workouts, so is this one a killer or is it just me? Maybe my ftp is high due to not calibrating enough?

Just did it yesterday, and Spencer +2 is way more difficult (for me at least).
I found that Williamson +4 had a good balance of work/rest.

Did you do Spencer ? How was it ?

It is tough… I am on a low volume plan so didn’t do +4, but the first part is the same with standard williamson

First attempt a year ago: You can see how many times I had to stop that is when power drops to zero (I use auto pause)

This year I fared much better, but am using a manually set FTP, so probably a little better in-line with my current abilities. I only had to stop during the main rest periods, which I do for butt breaks.

The two and one minute efforts should be in-line with what you’ve been asked to do for longer periods in other workouts, so if you are noticing a trend in other workouts, it may be necessary to reassess. Otherwise, chalk it up to being a tough workout.

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I have not done spencer yet. This is a high TSS week for me, so I’ll monitor and just assume it is supposed to be that difficult.

I did this workout once in each of the last 3 seasons.
This season was the only time I made it through without modification, and just barely. That is a hard-hard workout to me, and honestly I thought “it’s just me”.

Last 2 seasons I outright bailed after the 2nd set, this year a backpedal before the third set and good to go, though extremely hard.

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I found the 2 minute efforts the hardest. I will have good practice with them though. Doing Matthes +4 tomorrow.

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This one falls into the “tough but doable” category for me. I’ve completed it twice so far.

For me, 3 minute VO2 Max efforts, like those found in Spencer, are much tougher. I hate those (did them last night, so the hate is very fresh in my mind :slight_smile: ).