How to swap a block (base part 2 for build), plan builder - AT

Hello, my question is can I swap a block of my annual training plan built by plan builder, and of course keep AT working?
The short answer I know is yes from reading another thread, however, you have to swap for another plan of the same phase (i.e. 1 build plan for another build plan).
My situation is that plan builder gave me:
Base, Build, Base, Build, Specialty.
For what it’s worth I am doing low volume plus 2 strength sessions per week and usually adding a zone 2, 60 minute ride.

If after my first base, which I just started, if I see a decent FTP increase, I am thinking to do base part 2 (sweet spot base 2) and not go into build.
I am thinking my progression may go something like:
Base 1, Base 2, Build, Base (for couple weeks), Build (for 6 weeks), specialty?

Of course I know I can manually do this but I want to keep plan builder intact as AT will only update workouts that are part of plan builder but the any workout done can be used to update future workouts, as long as they were put in your calendar from plan builder (currently, is my understanding).

Thank you

Might be best to email directly, since this is not really supported (swap to alternate phase vs different version of same phase that is supported, as you noted).

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