How to structure a bridge week

I’ve been using trainer road for over two years and love it! One thing I’ve learned is that work and life can get in the way of a plan. I end up traveling 2-3 times a year for only one week at a time. During my last full triathlon build this set me up for failure in the base phase because I didn’t get the correct workouts at a key time in the build plan. I tried doing them at the hotel gym but the quality wasn’t there and I failed when I jumped into the next week never really getting back on top of it.

I don’t want to make the same mistake so I’ve allotted 3 extra weeks in my schedule(started 3 weeks early in my base plan for when my A race is). I just found out I’ll be traveling right after a rest week so I’ll be shifting my plan by 1 week adding a free week while I travel so I can start the next block off right. How would you structure a “bridge” week between a rest week and the start of a new block? Just get in the hours at z1/z2 or should I do some similar intensity/intervals on the bike and treadmill? From my understanding I’ll basically want to enter the block rested but not a full rest week that it de-trains me since I’ll be coming off a rest week.