How to stop ERG kicking in hard Pre Warm Up

I don’t know if its down to my trainer (an Elite Suito) but when I start a session ERG starts on hard until I well above the right power then it goes easy. For a warm up I think it should start easy too. I tried spinning before I started sessions but its still the same. Has anyone any tips as to how to stop ERG kicking in immediately and give me a chance to warm up properly?

The obvious one is to start in resistance or standard mode. Then switch to Erg.

Some n=1 thoughts… I’ve got a Kickr 2017 direct drive and lately have been using Standard mode, no substitute for having to make your own power. Still plan to use Erg but philosophically it seems I’ve turned a corner. Might do some time on Zwift this winter to mix things up, and I’ll use sim mode for that.

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I have a Suito too. How long does the resistance stay high, is it a few seconds, a minute, longer?

About 5-10sec

My TACX Flux 2 does the same thing, but only for 5-10 seconds. In fact, recently it has even started to go the other way. During yesterdays warm up, I had to wait for about a minute for the trainer to gradually creep up to the required resistance.

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