How to remove axle from raceface crank

Hi again,

I am looking to replace my leftcrank with a stages PM. Doe anyone know how i can remove the crankarm from the axle?


I don’t think you can (not owned one, just doing a quick internet search)

In the other thread you have opened you talk about replacing your left with Stages PM, a quick search and going to the stages PM web site, there is only one option for Raceface, which is a carbon crank for all cranksets that have the right arm removal (so the other way around the Shiimano), and you buy the matching axle to go with it

All Stages race face face cranks

Buy the matching axle

Note they don’t mention turbines

I had a RF Next crankset and when you get the carbon stages left crank arm you do need to replace the 30mm spindle spindle with the E (168mm Q factor) spindle. Can confirm that much but I got my mechanic to do it