How to play the game

I have recently just done the 4DP test {use TR for everything else] and w/kg wise it would seem as though my 5min power is my strength, armed with this new information, how would I best express my strength in a race? will obviously depend on the terrain and length of the race but as a general rule.

I’d be careful with jumping to the conclusion of relative strength too quickly. You might limit yourself mentally too much, if you want to play it smart your race plan can adapt to make the most of whatever cards you get dealt on the day.

Another thing to consider is that just because it appears to be a relatively strength in your personal power profile, that does not necessarily mean that it is a strength relative to your competition. As the boys recently discussed on the podcast, it might not even be a strength altogether but a lack of weakness.

Most amateur racers are not close enough to their genetic potential to sell themselves short like that. I know that we can draw confidence from the idea that we are a certain type of rider, but in the end it is probably more a reflection of our training and a certain image we like of ourselves than of what we are hardwired at our inner core. Instead, try being the best rider you can be, just because your 5 min power is strong that doesn’t mean that nature prevents you from owning a bunch kick or succeeding in a solo break. You may elect not to focus on these areas, but I bet you can be more than a 5minute guy.


Your 5 minutes strenght can also mean weakness in other departments. I also have strong 5 minutes relative to other parts, but it is simply part of the picture and only conclusion I had was the need to work more on other elements like 20 min and TTE.


This x1000

Even if your 5 minute power is a strength, is it a one time deal or repeatable? That’ll change your tactics…

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